Osaka shows gentle touch with butterfly to reach last 16 at Australian Open


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Thanks for reporting such informative news as always JT.

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With a crowd of people outside too. Any particular reason? (You'd have thought that the caption would add such information).

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Well done, Naomi-chan, the pride of Japan!

With Henin out, and Serena running on old legs (very lucky to win today) Naomi-chan is looking like a red-hot favorite! And the butterflies love her too!

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Wonderful Osaka gets a butterfly, whilst others get a fly and much worse from "supporters".

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Well, at least the butterfly made the news today.

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Gambare Nippon:

With Henin out

Henin retired from tennis years ago.

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Ah....even butterflies love her, that says a lot

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Henin retired from tennis years ago.

@ Pukey, oops...Kenin not Henin. I think the draw is looking real good now for Naomi-chan. Having empty stadiums is the only negative, as Naomi-chan thrives on the crowds support.

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Melbourne is in total lockdown. We’ll have to stay at home at the moment. The schools are closed. We have to work from home. We are allowed to go out to get food and essential items, but otherwise we have to stay at home. We are allowed out for two hours a day to exercise. Everything else has stopped, but the tennis is continuing. You have not mentioned this in this article. People in Melbourne are very angry about the tennis, and this includes Naomi Osaka without any doubt.

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People in Melbourne are very angry about the tennis, and this includes Naomi Osaka without any doubt.

Cancelling a Major tournament half way through would be a disaster. Last years US Open was player before empty stadiums too. It is what it is in the age of pandemic. Players like Naomi accept it, and push on to win.

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The pride of Japan, my arse.

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