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Otani cutting his teeth in Japan but MLB beckons

By Junko Fujita

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If Shohei leaves, we will produce another Shohei.”

No you wont, and it's awfully arrogant of you to assume such a thing. Some Japanese parents are going to produce the talent and you are going to eventually waste it away. You only "want" a talent like Otani to make some extra cash from posting him somewhere in the future.

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I hardly consider the MLB team a bunch of All-Stars. More like a group of players that had nothing better to do. Nunez batted all of .250 last season with 4 HRs and 24 RBIs.

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The National league would surely be interested in this ball player! Pitchers actually bat during games.

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I wonder Angels have eyes on hin. because of disarray in bullpens, it lost league champ. And starting pitchers had strange injuries. ;Like Dodgers, money is not problem. Any super Japanese pitchers should not lose hope. The sport analysts said Angels was not going to capture League Champ because there was no Japanese players in team during season, So, keep hope yet. Advantage of getting Japanese players is they can be used right w=away instead of /A AA AAA to MLB But Japanese players love Yankees and Eastern teams. There are 5 teams in sunny CA but .....

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Only one or two years before this mega-talented kid walks out of Japanese baseball - the MLB feeder - for a massive contract. Good luck to him!

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He should be in the MLB right now, but there was so much pressure put on him and his coach, to stay in Japan, that he finally gave in. I remember rumors of payoffs and other things to the coach, to convince him to stay. If he had gone straight to the majors it would have been a huge blow to baseball in Japan!

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He should be in the MLB right now

No, he should be in Japan right now. If he went to MLB he'd be playing for the Nowheresville Tigers, Class A affiliate of the Dodgers. Now he's playing in the second best pro league in the world, making great money, playing against top competition and making fans around the world.

He can go to MLB in a few years when he wants, and if he chooses to do so he will instantly be one of the highest paid FAs around.

He made the right decision to stay - and it was HIS decision and the decision of his family.

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He should be in the MLB right nowhousing cost too much?


players can not just hop in, First, MLB teams recruiters have to be in touch of players. Then lengthy contract negotiations. Japanese players tend to choose NorthEasterrn teams. I don;t know why but they usually ignore Angels. Maybe too close to Disneylans? or roo expensive housing? Maybe too close to Hollywood? Young players get $20 million a year for more than 10 years but Yankees is more attractive to Japanese players. So it is not mone I think. /they like to play in quality teams or so I guess.

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