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Padres acquire Darvish in blockbuster trade with Cubs


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Watching sport has been one of the few highlights of this miserable year - When the EPL started up again in the summer it even made waking up at 5 in the morning fun. As long the TV money is there and this can be bankrolled then why not? Covid cannot consume all of our daily lives. If your retort is that the money could be spent better, you know that it won't. I get your point, but its also a fairly pointless discussion.

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Where are people's priorities?

Pray tell, when have you ever know it differently? The same could be said of bankers, politicians, and many, many others.

People pay to see them play, hence their value. Am I jealous? Used to be, but not anymore, I grew up!

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expatToday  01:49 pm JST

Millions of dollars paid to grown men for playing games. The cost of big-league distraction? Where are people's priorities?

Did I miss the memo about having fun now being frowned upon?

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I remember people being bewildered that the Cubs gave that much money to Darvish after years of injuries and up/down years. I was happy to see him play well this past season and especially word coming out that the Astros cheated their way into the World Series in which they slaughtered Darvish. A lot of Dodger fans blamed Darvish for losing that year though it wasn't his fault. I wish him the best in SD.

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One of the few Japanese players who hasn't seemingly piled on the weight (yet) (ie fat) while working in America.

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His glory years are long behind him. Another in a long line of overhyped Japanese baseball players who never lived up to the hype.

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Darkish is getting older so he relies on breaking balls. I think he has reinvented himself and he is relying on deception now by using different speeds.

Theo Epstein has a year left as general manager so this is a salary dump.

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Millions of dollars paid to grown men for playing games. The cost of big-league distraction? Where are people's priorities?

Even though many players are overpaid, they also create jobs as spectators come to watch them play. The jobs being in the stadium concession stands, parking lot attendants, cleaners, businesses outside the stadium where people would shop or eat after the game. Even baseball card manufactures that feature the players on the cards. People work at the factories where these cards are made. There is a ripple affect.

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