Panel finds nothing illegal in Tokyo Olympic bid


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An independent panel commissioned by the Japanese Olympic Committee...

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Nothing illegal ... it's just business as usual. Money flies here, money flies there, money flies everywhere. Just can't trust these panels that are set up by the people at the controls of taking charge of big money outflows. Wonder what an independent panel that should be set up by new Tokyo Gov. Koike could come up with? But the powers that be outside her realm would surely veto such a panel ...

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So they investigated themselves... Same old same old in J Land. I wonder what the French investigators make of this. Would love to hear from them.

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In spite of the inflated payments, suspect documentation, and not being able to talk to principles the committee decided that nothing untoward happened? To come to that conclusion based on what they didnt have access to makes the committees decision a little premature I think.

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Surely a typo. Shouldnt it have read a "dependent panel"?

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Final bidders were Japan, Turkey and Madrid. The two competitors could not come up with ad income and contribution to IOC. They had estimation of ad income from Japanese industry. japanwas winner. jPan had so much rat instead of bribing IOC officials, rumot at rat time was, Mori put big money in his account.

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Why did someone destroy the committee's data in the computers, if they had nothing to hide?

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I was born in the morning, but not yesterday morning. We are not fooled.

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In addition, the investigation team... didn’t have access to data stored in computers issued by the committee that had been destroyed when the bidding process ended. The team largely relied on documents that had been kept by former committee members.

Hmmm, the Japan Olympic Committee destroying data after the bid has been won? Now, where have I heard that before...

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