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Panthers beat Bruins, Kraken oust Avalanche in NHL playoffs


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I don't know if there's a curse, but winning the President's Cup does not seem to bode well in recent years. The Bruins were all-time great in the regular season but gave up the game-tying goal with only a few minutes left and could have lost several times in OT before they got ousted. I bet they'd trade about 13 of the regular-season record 64 wins for playoff wins. Oh, well.

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Glad Boston is out. I reckon Toronto has a better chance against Florida. And I can’t stand Brad Marchand.

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Less than a quarter of President Cup winners have won the Stanley Cup. Seems the Curse is real.

Changing of the guard in the NHL? Maple Leafs finally win their playoff round in 19yrs. Kraken beat the Stanley Cup champs. Panther send the Bruins home. Now if the Devils beat the Rangers........

It's good to see other teams succeeding in the playoffs.

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What an unpredictable season! The champs? Out in the first round, with a game 7 loss at home. The team with the greatest regular season ever? Out in the first round, with a game 7 loss at home. The team that had won 2 of the past 3 Cups? Out in the first round.

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It’s great to watch. Nothing beats NHL playoff hockey.

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The last 3 times the Boston Bruins had the best regular season record, they were ousted in the 1st round all 3 times!

There's so many upsets in these playoffs, visiting teams winning more than home teams, etc.

Not just the NHL, the NBA playoffs too

And so many Game Sevens - 2 of the greatest words in sports, lol

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Unfortunate draw for the Bruins. Panthers just match up well to the Bruins' style of play. Saw that during the regular season. Boston likely would have beaten any other first round opponent in four or five. Leafs will be harder to deal with but if they underestimate the Cats early like the Bruins did, could face the same result or get worn down for next round. NHL playoff hockey is so exciting. Blessed to be able to record every game and binge watch them one after the other.

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