Paralympian Marieke Vervoort fulfills wish to take own life


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I knew her. Not well but well enough, as a fellow Belgian working in the sports industry. We shared two passions. Sports and the love of dogs, Her dog, her family and server, mine, my brothers. She still could find it in her to support my boys to come home, while she suffered so much more, she had time for others. She thought Belgium, courage and spirit. Strength and sacrifice.

Belgium lost one of its best Ambassadors. The gold was not in her medals but in her soul.

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Rest in peace ....

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Both a sad and uplifting story, but at least she went out in her own terms and enjoyed her life knowing that it wound end that way.

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She sounds like a real fighter, I cannot imagine what pain she went through to think about euthanasia ... I think I couldn't have endured half of what she did.

Somehow I am having egocentric thoughts and I am glad to be healthy.

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Wow what a terrible disease. I'm glad she is now at peace.

For the people not familiar with this law, even though legal a doctor can still vote against it so you would still need to convince the doctor to sign off on euthanasia. It's an important law though, people suffering without any possible treatment should be able to decide their own fate and not let their fate be in the hands of people that have no idea how much the suffering is.

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Sad, but she showed so much strength.

Continuing her life despite that brutal spinal disease.

And making this final decision - my highest respect!

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Such a sad and powerful article, thanks jt.

I'm really scared, but those (euthanasia) papers give me a lot of peace of mind because I know when it's enough for me, I have those papers," she said.

I hope she knew how inspiring and brave she was.

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Real champion. She took her life into her own hands and battled through a lot of pain. She made sure she was never a victim of circumstances. She won in life on and off the field.

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She was lucky to be in a country that allows it. In Britain its illegal and also illegal to help anyone to do it including travelling with them to a clinic in Switzerland.

She was able to make her own decision. An inspiration to many.

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