Paralympic head warns against complacency toward Tokyo's COVID surge


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Warns against underestimating the pandemic, following with not even considering the most effective measure against increasing the risk even further: cancellation.

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Tell this to Bach ... lovely to see him roam Ginza! - bubble buster (Sarcasm intended)

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"While it is encouraging that the Olympic Games were delivered safely and successfully,

Your credibility went right out the window with that statement.

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While it is encouraging that the Olympic Games were delivered safely and successfully,

I wonder if these corrupt parrots ever have a thought of their own.

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Tokyo Gov Yuriko Koike told a press conference on Friday that she wants children taking part in a government-backed education program to watch para athletes compete at venues but added it would depend on the COVID-19 situation and the opinions of school officials.

I used to have a lot of respect for Tokyo Gov Koike but when she makes statements like this it’s just shameful! Her priorities are in the wrong place. The medical system has collapsed as infection rates keep skyrocketing yet instead of focusing on ways to get the residents of Tokyo to overcome this pandemic she is talking about garbage things…pathetic!

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What rubbish and empty words coming from his mouth. The news last night reports they are still considering whether to have spectators or not! And then about their plan to have school children as spectators ! It is almost as if he and Koike didn't see the other part of the news where the medical experts said Tokyo is on the edge of disaster and the medical system is on the verge of collapse. It is all steam ahead for the Olympics no matter what.

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Which planet are these people on?

We are being ASKED to reduce going out or going shopping and not to leave the prefectures. Yet it is OK again to bring people into the country from all over the world, just for a sporting event and little or no quarantine.

When will they understand that 100% of Japan’s resources need to be used to fight this virus and support the population.

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Add Andrew Parsons into the basket of deplorables, along with Coe, Coates, Bach and Dick Pound.

He talks about keeping things safe for "stakeholders" (whatever that even means), but we know its all about the $$$ and 6-star hotels.

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I didn't watch a single moment of the main games, and I'm not going to watch a single moment of these either.

But if, as I read, the opening ceremony for the main games featured the ultimate naive-idealist-hippy song ("Imagine"), I shudder to think what kind of nauseating rainbow-coloured sentimental sludge they're going to come up with for this. I'd bet heavily that it will (probably unintentionally) be incredibly patronising to the athletes.

I wonder what the opinion polls say about these paralympics. Those for the main games apparently changed over time from "I'm really quite annoyed at the government for holding these games in a pandemic" to "Japan won lots of medals so my self esteem has risen and I will consequently vote for the LDP". However, I'd hazard a a guess that the "honne" of these games is that most people don't really care because, whether it's true or not, the paralympics are still seen as a token gesture rather than a legitimate sporting event.

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People had an interest in the Olympics, the TV audience was pretty good in Japan and Asia at least. The Paralympics has nothing going for it. Tokyo had the chance to use covid to get out of its obligation to hold these oversized feelgood events. Nobody cares about the Paralympics. A waste of time and money.

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"While it is encouraging that the Olympic Games were delivered safely and successfully,

......what the.....nothing could be further from the TRUTH!!!

Where do they find these despicable people from!!!!

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Oh look. Reruns. Could’ve sworn this all happened a few weeks ago already.

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Off the top of your head, name your two favorite Paralympic athletes.....

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The spiel that the mass regurgitates again and again is Orwellian!

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