Paralympic exodus begins in Tokyo


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Great memories. Congratulations Japan and the people of Tokyo for doing a great job under hard times. Only wish I could have been therein person.

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Yeah and good riddens.glad this shipwreck has ended .

Thanks to the athletes who brought new covid variants with

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At Narita airport, many athletes from overseas formed queues at check-in counters. Some could be heard saying "arigato," which is thank you in Japanese

Mission accomplished

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And a picture of Hamed Amiri, Gold medalist who set new record in Javelin, that every citizen of Nagoya should see:

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Athletes, organizers, and officials worked hard to make the Games a memorable experience. Hats off.

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CONGRATLATION Japan, well done.

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snowymountainhellToday  05:09 pm JST

From NOW, there’s ‘real work’ to be done to restore Japan and public accessibility to a comfortable life for ALL people here.

From now? From NOW? From at least a year and a half ago, more like , but the J Govt. wasted all that time until we could see ever so friendly Japanese volunteers holding up 'Thank you' (read: 'Don't let the door hit you on the way out') signs. I wouldn't hold your breathe on things being much better now the games are over.

Scant coverage of the Paralympics in the media, in comparison to the Olympics. Hard to sell its justification to the populace: Time for the political games to begin.

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They should have held it in 2020.

What a waist of tax payer’s money.

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That sign she holds on the photo is the best and probably only thing I will remember.

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My daughter was covering the games for a news organization and I just saw her off at Narita. Quite a few Paralympic athletes. Almost all of them in quite good spirits.

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From NOW, there’s ‘real work’ to be done to restore Japan and public accessibility to a comfortable life for ALL people here.

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Now, Let’s make sure everyone else get’s home safe,… AND healthy.

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A wonderful “sign” of the ‘sincere’ appreciation of many Japanese people. As stated yesterday at the close of the Paralympic Games:

Thank you” to all those who supported, guided and cared for the Paralympians” -

Your selflessness was recognized ad appreciated by Everyone.

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