Paralympic torch relay events begin in Tokyo as COVID concerns linger


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"as COVID concerns linger"

Great use of the English language there, linger? How about "as COVID spreads out of control"?

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Wishing the paralympics great success. It's not all about podium glory, it challenges our concept of disability, it's an education for the able-bodied to try to understand the daily hassles of these amazing athletes.

Compared to Olympiads, they are paid less, have fewer endorsements, less funding. While over 30 million tuned in for the Rio Olympics, only 2 million watched the Paras. We really need to change our attitude

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.... and all the 'disabled' who live 'normal' lives get no sponsorship, no endorsements, no VIP treatment, no glory.... just battle on in the day-to-day while no-one pays attention, or is aware of how hard it must be.....

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"concerns linger", "worries remain", "alarming" rise in Covid cases ...???

As @Mr Bogglesworth said above, they sure want to paint this as some kind of pyschological state, not something that causes pregnant mothers to be denied medical care, a newborn babiy to die in its home, thousands of people stranded at home, in hotels, in an ambulance as hospitals refuse to treat them, people to suffer unattended as the medical system is overrun, health workers to suffer burnout from the relentless, unending pace of severe cases, so-called 'oxygen stations' to be set up as hospital care is denied to sick people, the age of people getting seriously unwell keeps dropping. All of this more than any previous point in the pandemic. They call that 'lingering'? Are they mad? It's a bit like that other classic we've been treated to lately, 'they died while 'recovering'/'recuperating' at home'.

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*Numerous events related to the Paralympics have been organized in an effort to build excitement for the 13-day Games, which will begin Tuesday following a one-year postponement due to the coronavirus pandemic.*

Does "irritation" count as "excitement"?

*The torch relay has been taken off public roads on most of its routes due to an alarming rise in COVID-19 cases in Tokyo and other parts of Japan, as was the case with the Olympic relay.*

Some municipalities may send their flames in digital form, through photographs or video, instead of bringing them to the ceremony, the Tokyo Games organizing committee said.

Which means? Are there still some people running around yes or no?

Why does the Emperor need to be there in person? Why couldn't he be present via his Facebook page? Heck, why does anybody need to be there in person?

The Paralympics, involving up to about 4,400 athletes from around the world, will be staged without spectators due to the pandemic. But an exception will be made for some students taking part in a government-backed education program in Tokyo and the three prefectures.

Let the kids take one for the team.

BTW, (genuine question) how many people in and out the Paralympic "bubble" this time? Last time it was 300,000 people.

Nothing learned, I'm afraid. Nothing learned...

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I'm watching baseball right now on TV.

Why are there crowds there, but not at the Olympics or Paralympics?

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Hey, where are Thomas Bach and John Coates? Where's that "Olympic movement" spirit? Where's are those symbolic gestures at memorials by the swinging sticks at the IOC? Please don't tell me that it's all about the money after all, and that physically challenged athletes just don't draw the big bucks.

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People can't even go to the Hospital and have top die at home, but this is more important for headlines and Japans face. Is this for real?

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