Paralympics could help remake Tokyo's narrow roads, doorways


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Proper bird is Koike. Doing much more than the losers before her. When Renho, another proper bird, gets the votes to become PM and is as dynamic as Koike, Japan will be a much better place than it is now.

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Barrier-free facilities are by all means important, but I believe that a barrier-free mind is equally vital,”

This is going to be the hardest part. When it comes to changing minds here it takes generations, not years.

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Bird? What are you, a time traveler from the 1950's?

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Tokyo has a very, very good chance of surpassing London and becoming the best Paralympics ever,

Well, with Japan currently 66th in this year's paralympics, I'd say attitudes and support in this area have a long way to go.

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When it comes to changing minds here it takes generations, not years.

Are you asserting that this is something peculiar to Japan? If you do think this way, do a Google search on "discrimination against the handicapped" adding US or UK as you wish.

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japan has no sidewalks. it's japanese culture, immutable, who needs sidewalks.

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Politicians often start with ambitious schemes but find it is hard to walk the talk. Hopefully Koike-san is experienced enough to take on the bureaucrats and make it happen. I wish her well. Let's get these ugly utility poles down. Personally, I'm buying drinks when they disappear from my road but I'm not holding my breath. "Who needs sidewalks?" -well, pedestrians, kids, old-timers. Lose the poles, put in a sidewalk on one side, better townscapes, better safety, better quality of life.

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Yay! Let's widen the roads, add sidewalks, make it mandatory to not build fences (residential or commercial) less than 6 feet away from the sidewalk for "easement," replace all concrete and other fences with chainlink fences, get rid of passenger trains that block car traffic, drive on the other side of the road, get rid of kobans, allow teens and drug dealers to have drive-bys, embrace the "awesome" policy of multiculturalism while saying how bad the native Japanese culture is...

Can we just accept the city of Tokyo (and other Japanese cities) as it is? A wheelchair can fit through the narrow alleys so that's not a problem (just control traffic). Stop trying to Americanize the country. The narrow streets are part of the charm; the lack of easements (6 feet space between road/sidewalk from fence) wastes less space: look how much space is wasted and the loss of building power from the owners of that land - and the owners are still responsible for maintaining that section rather than the govt that required it!

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Bam! Shots fired at Rio: "“From what I’ve seen from Tokyo so far, Tokyo has a very, very good chance of surpassing London and becoming the best Paralympics ever,”

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If they can do it, great, but I find it VERY hard to imagine they can do it all over, given that in so many places 'sidewalks' -- a 30 centimeter strip of pavement beside the white line, often where the rain gutters are put, or else utility poles centered in -- are already right up to the buildings and have two-way traffic when they're barely wide enough for one car. And how on earth are they going to widen doors on houses and most buildings when the entrance ways are no wider? In the town I live in they tried to make all the stations 'barrier free' but what happened is that they could only do it all on one side -- the side people commute into the city in the morning -- putting elevators and ramps on that side, but not not on the other. I asked a station attendant what people in wheelchairs or who can't walk without assistance do when they are coming home and he just shrugged and said there was no way they could expand the other side or put in an elevator.

In a lot of cases people won't sell the land that is needed to extend, too. But anyway, at least the woman is trying.

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So let me get this straight...

If I call these women "chicks," I'll get voted up like Sherman because that's the way you people think?

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Is a bird a babe? I am confused here.

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