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Paris holds its breath for Olympic swimming events in murky Seine

By Peter BERLIN, Pierrick YVON and Nalini LEPETIT-CHELLA

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WOW swimming in a toilet bowl. Well it is now a cess pool!

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Should hold the open water swim and triathalon in the ocean by Biarritz, Hossegor or Lacanau. They're clean.

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This issue comes up before every Olympics, Rio, Tokyo, now Paris. And every time the news agencies like AP, Reuters, AFP make a big fuss. It’s really not that big a deal. Open water swimming occurs over one or two days for a couple of hours. This is just the media with their desperate attempt at trying to stay relevant which they really aren’t anymore.

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Just use a dang pool.

Marathon swimming cannot be held in a pool, though. By its rules it needs to be in an open water without touching anything over the whole ten kilometers. I believe the triathlons' swimming portion could technically be held in a pool, but I'm not sure, I never did triathlons.

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What’s with Olympic hosts insisting on doing swimming events in the middle of their dirty inner city rivers?! We know it’s dirty, you know it’s dirty, the basic fact of its location makes it dirty. Just use a dang pool.

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