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Patrick's Daytona pole position makes NASCAR history


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Sarah Fisher was a lot better driver in IndyCar in inferior machinery

The only comical bit here is that anyone actually believes Sarah Fisher was anywhere close to Danica Patrick's skill level. Yes, she's irritating and petulant, and yes, she's never passed up an opportunity to capitalize on her looks, but the truth is that she's always been a better-than-average driver. Now that it appears Tony Stewart's operation has the new car figured out a little bit earlier and better than the rest, she's taken good advantage of it. We'll find out whether she has the racecraft over 500 miles to cash in, but it's an achievement nevertheless.

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The fastest I have ever driven was 180 mph, but they are averaging 196... wow!

Good for her.

Go Danica!

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Well she has shown the boys, she's such an insufferable drama queen though. Her spats in IndyCar especially with Dan Weldon were comical. Sarah Fisher was a lot better driver in IndyCar in inferior machinery but unfortunately didn't get her kit off for sponsors. Aside from that it would be good for women in sport to show they can mix it with the boys.

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She's already done that, techall. It appears to be a bigger challenge for her to avoid wadding up sheet metal.

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Tony Stewart himself commented on her historic achievement of being the first woman to capture the poll of ANY of the Sprint Cup races, never mind the "Big Daddy" of them all... the Daytona 500. He said:

''It's never been done. There's only one person that can be the first to do anything. Doesn't matter how many do it after you do, accomplish that same goal. The first one that does always has that little bit more significance to it because you were the first.''

As an aside, NASCAR is odd in that they have their "Super Bowl"/"World Cup"/Wimbledon" as the first race of the season.

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Well, she'll really get a chance to mix it up with the boys now, swapping paint and wadding sheet metal.

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