Trump: NBA has become like 'a political organization'


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NBA players were “very nasty” and “very dumb” for kneeling during the national anthem to protest social injustice.

He knows the 'best words'. NOT. Given the majority of NBA players are Black, he's once again dog whistling.

Peaceful protests are allowed under the Constitution. But then Trump's the male who had his police forces fire gas at peaceful protestors enroute to his photo op so he could hold up a bible. Grifter level showmanship.

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Deflection tactics.Your house is on fire but instead of putting that fire out,you point to China.Just remember that the other three fingers are pointing back at you.

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Just shut up and read the drivel from your bogus acceptance speech already.

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The thing is, he’s right.

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Trump told reporters Thursday, noting that the league's ratings are down from previous seasons.

It’s a good thing.

trump and his fans will stop watching sports, can’t watch movies because, you know, Hollywood. They’ll have to start reading books for entertainment.

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I thought writing "equality" on the backs of the jerseys would solve the problem. Guess not

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Watcbing sports is an escape from the political world. The NBA and other leagues getting political has really hurt their ratings. People don't want to think about BLM when they are trying to be entertained. CNN is for that.

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A league consisting mostly of black males is concerned about excessive police violence against black males. Huh. Imagine that.

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Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and family could sell a yacht or seven to top up the Orlando Magic payroll.

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Trump has no idea that it's partially because of him!

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Become political? Like that's a bad thing? Compared to ignoring the very serious and deadly problems facing America?

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All power to the striking players.

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If Trump tried to show a little empathy and compassion towards the NBA players protesting instead of appealing strictly towards his red-neck, uneducated base..but he can't....

His number one concern is getting re-elected everything else is secondary...

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It’s a good thing.

trump and his fans will stop watching sports, can’t watch movies because, you know, Hollywood. They’ll have to start reading books for entertainment.

something that you should sometime consider.

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The NBA can teach Trump a lesson on how to handle the COVID 19 pandemic.

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President Trump only stating the obvious. The weak NBA owners have for too long ceded power to their insufferably ignorant players and now they, and sports fans, are paying the price.

Imagine the ignorance and hatred for any kind of civility these people have who make the likes of career criminals like Jacob Blake, George Floyd etc. into martyrs.

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@bob--weak owners ceding power?

Yeah, I doubt owner Betsy DeVos can create a team with the flabby members of her bridge club, the Trump children, etc. But that would sell tickets like gangbusters for the novelty of 100 point trouncings.

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something that you should sometime consider.

You’ll have to elaborate on that one mike, not sure I follow you.

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All the major US sports are doing this, not just the NBA

MLB, NHL, MLS, WNBA, NCAA Football - they all held game protests yesterday

And US sports can do this because most fans support it

"Sports fans more likely to support Black Lives Matter, survey finds"

The study, titled Promoting Racial Equality in Sports, conducted by Nielsen Sports, also found that a majority of fans expect athletes to be involved in social change and want leagues to allow for protest.

Nearly 70% of fans — compared with 62% of the general population — said they support Black Lives Matter. A similar percentage said leagues and teams should develop marketing campaigns for social change while letting athletes protest.

Brands that actively support equality “can drive positive social change while also achieving business objectives,” said Lyndon Campbell, a senior vice president for the market researcher. “This is the definition of a win-win situation.”

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Can't be more white than NHL hockey, but even they postponed their playoffs in solidarity with other sports players

The NHL joins the NBA in postponing playoff games on Thursday, several more baseball games are postponed, and some NFL teams cancel practice.

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Can't be more white than NHL hockey, but even they postponed their playoffs in solidarity with other sports players

I can guarantee you the NHL decision to postpone 2 nights of games was that of the Commissioner and no one else. The players are not on board with this besides 2 opportunists who are not even playing, Evander Kane and Matt Dumba.

It is nothing but a useless, cowardly nod to the media.

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I can guarantee you the NHL decision to postpone 2 nights of games was that of the Commissioner and no one else.

Don't hold onto that guarantee - it's from the players. Ya may not know NHL players like ya think ya do

"Players call timeout on playoffs after NHL 'turtles' in proving BLM support"

The statement said that "the NHL supports the Players' decision" not to play. Sources had previously told ESPN's Emily Kaplan that the sides had been in communication over the past 24 hours but that the league would not initiate a stoppage unless there was a strong push from the players' side.

Vegas forward Ryan Reaves [who is black] said he was struggling with the decision of whether to sit out the Golden Knights' playoff game to protest racial injustice when he discovered players around the NHL had his back.

Reaves woke up Thursday to find a text from Tampa Bay Lightning defenseman Kevin Shattenkirk [who is white], prompting a conversation that helped lead the NHL to postpone four playoff games over two days.

"That, I think, was more powerful that the conversation started with white players on other teams wanting to talk,'' said Reaves, who is Black. "And I think that's the most powerful thing that happened today. You see us all coming together here.''

Earlier Thursday, Hockey Diversity Alliance co-leader Evander Kane put out a formal request from the group for the NHL to suspend all playoff games on Thursday, tweeting, "We strongly feel this sends a clear message that human rights take priority over sports."

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Bob guarantees it because his distant matrilineal cousin is the NHL commish somebody or other.

Wait until he spills the beans about his two brothers in law, Adam Silver and Rob Manfred.

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sorry to break it to you fellas. The entire hockey world knows the NHL ownership and execs called this one. Hockey culture runs 180 degrees from the degenerates that leftists hold up as martyrs. In an insane situation where they are playing in empty arenas, all that they have accomplished is postponing the end of the season by 48 hours and encouraging millions of would be viewers to tune into the Republican National Convention.

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Obviously, the NBA and Black Lives Matter have teamed up to ensure Trump is re-elected. While racial equality and fairness are important, 87% of the population are not Black and the average American is deeply disturbed by riots, demonstrations and even more disturbed about not having games to hoot and holler about as they guzzle beer and eat potato chips.

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Lots of these players are worth more than Trump phony wealth

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Don't worry about sports fans - they're OK with this

"Survey: Sports fans support social justice stance by athletes, teams"

Of the 71% of fans who supported athletes speaking out, 44% strongly supported it. Nearly half of the fans surveyed said they are more likely to support teams and athletes who speak out than they were last year, while 20% say they are less likely to (33% were unchanged).

When broken down by race, 76% of Black fans thought athletes should be speaking out while games are being played; 61% of Hispanic fans and 46% of white fans thought the same.

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lostrune2 - you can keep posting that utterly bogus survey all u want, but the NBA's plummeting TV ratings tells the real story. Fans are fed up with their hypocrisy (see China) and want politics out of sports

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All the sports ratings are down due to the pandemic's effects

The return of live sports was supposed to usher in an explosion of interest. Americans were going to hunker down in front of their TVs and watch in record numbers because, well, there’s not much else to do during a pandemic and everyone has missed their favorite distraction.

But that didn’t quite happen. In fact, a cursory glance at TV ratings and headlines about viewership suggests the overall interest in sports may even be down.

Beyond worrying about day-to-day life in the midst of a pandemic, there's also no excitement of fans in the stands, and some sports are even in a bubble like the NBA and NHL (meaning they play far away from their home cities) and sometimes have to play in the afternoons (not prime time) since they're sharing the same arenas. These all factors into less live sports TV viewing

Also btw, that survey you're calling bogus, it's conducted by Neilsen - the same company that you're using to cite TV ratings. So, if ya believe TV ratings, then ya believe the survey

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The NBA can teach Trump a lesson on how to handle the COVID 19 pandemic.

No, they can't. They can, however teach us how narcissistic they are.

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What about blue, white, Asian and Hispanic lives?

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