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PGA apologizes to Mickelson, Koepka for fans on final hole


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The same thing happened at The Open for generations and I never read about anyone getting hurt. People are so sensitive now.

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when you have surgery and are purposely hit in the place where that surgery occurred, it's not being sensitive, it's being attacked

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No one purposely hit anyone.

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these white tik tokers are crazye, welcome to the new Gen Z! They rush and bum and scramble.

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Stay classy sport fans!

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Koepka said his surgically repaired right knee got hit by people as he tried to break through the crowd.

He should have tried to break through where the person who want to attack him isn't there

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Glad to know about Phil! Great Fun and Callaway player .. lol! The age is just a data he can keep playing longer. He might be so excited he might not be annoyed by the fan jumping in the last hole.

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Wow, The fans went kinda nuts, a rush like that on the 18th is rare. They were walking through the bunkers and all over the 18th green. Going to be some damage to the course for sure. Green keeper not going to be happy. Beautiful track though, Never was a big fan of lefty. But you have to give him the respect he deserves. He is the greatest wedge player I have ever seen in this crazy game. I have tried many times opening up my 64o degree Vokey LWwedge and tried hit the reverseee shot.

Also have tried to get the ball to go up straight in the air but, nope. It can not be done by my hand or my swing. And I hit a lot of wedge and practice shots 50 Yards and in. With my ole 20 years trusty shag bag and 75 balls over at the Bridgestone country 4 times a week. The shot eludes me and always will.

Check this out if want see what I am talking about.


NOPE! Can not do it and I have a low HCP for my age. Crazy shot man!

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Reminds me of some of the overly-aggressive crowds that used to be seen at summer PGA events when placed at Midwest public courses. Also interesting to see that Covid has apparently been conquered in South Carolina (sarcasm). Unmasked fans standing shoulder-to-shoulder were the norm on Day 4.

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Looks a little like the Capital invasion by again, a white only crowd. Except for one black security guard there trying to protect Mickelson. His face says it all, pure chaos.

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I understand the excitement. Phil is a good story, the story we need now. But even outside, that’s not safe. Many of those people are not fully or partially vaccinated. Being that close is not safe.

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Great win by Phil. And will be 51 in a few weeks! Nice momentum going into the US Open and Open majors.

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