Japanese prodigy Ishikawa introduced to U.S. PGA Tour


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i watch to see the flame blow out, too much media too soon.

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spudman -- right on. I see a missed cut in Ryo's future this weekend.

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This kid is great. I like watching on the news. He does not have a temper like TIger.

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As the poster boy for adrogynous Japanese, he may not have a few other things like Tiger...

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Everyone loves a good story, and you have to give the kid his due, but winning the Masters is not in his future. But good luck anyway.

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Having a temper is not a bad thing at all if you can back it up with superior performance. Tiger has a temper as you say because he has drive. Michael Jordan's another perfect example. He had a hell of a temper and trashed talked better than the rest, but he also played better than they ever could too. It's a common problem with Japanese athletes in general if you ask me; they don't want to win bad enough to get upset over a less than (personally) satisfactory performance. And no, crying pathetically after losing is not what I'm talking about...

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Ryo is hardly the typical "androgynous Japanese" boy -- in fact, along with Ma-kun (pitcher Tanaka of the Rakuten Eagles), swimmer Kitajima, and a few other young, hard-working athletes in Japan, he seems the perfect picture of a regular guy, regardless of his talent and the media attention.

I think he lacks the experience to make a real mark in the four tournaments he's got scheduled for the US over the next couple of months, but he will play solid golf nevertheless, providing a good show and building valuable experience for his future game.

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