Pitcher Igarashi looks to major leagues


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At 98.75 mph, Igarashi holds the record for the fastest pitch thrown by a Japanese pitcher in a NPB game. Correct me on not trusting mph readings coming from NPB. Tazawa was supposed to hit 97mph and sit at 93-94, yet he rarely hits 94mph, Matsuzaka was supposed to hit 97mph, yet he rarely ever touches 94 and sits around 90-91mph. Time will tell.

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Igarashi hit his prime about 4-5 years ago. I think he is on the downward slope now. He sat out all of 2007 due to injury and 2008 had a W-L-S-H record of 3-2-3-12 in 44 games and this year 3-2-3-29 in 56 games.

A few years ago, he was something to fear. Now, I am not so sure.

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Igarashi will probably run into a couple of big problems in the U.S. First, his velocity is nothing special for MLB. And, more importantly, he has a throwing motion where he "cocks" his arm and the batter gets a very good view of the ball before it ever leaves his hand. I'd be surprised if he doesn't have a gopher ball problem if he goes to the U.S.

I wonder if he'll do well in the U.S. If I were a GM in MLB, I'd also remember the case of Shinji Mori before doling out too much money to Igarashi.

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If at all he joins MLB, the DL (disabled list) count will go up by one, will seldom see his play live on NHK-BS.

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Washed up. They need to change this 9 year rule. Guys like Darvish etc will never go over.

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Guys like Darvish etc will never go over.

Darvish already said he'll NEVER go to the US

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Come over to the Angels, we can use an extra stopper in the bullpen as Darren Oliver is probably a goner.

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