Pole vault champion throws weight behind Tokyo Olympics

By Harry How

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I think it’s fine if they:

1: do it with no spectators.

2: athletes fly in the day before their event. are kept quarantined, do their damn event and flown straight back home; no sightseeing, no public activities. no parades.

3: athletes don’t receive priority vaccination.

sounds reasonable.

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It's not just the athletes. There is probably a 5-person entourage for each athlete...

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Our government doesn't seem to realise what has been mentioned here (@Zoroto). It's also what common folks don't understand and trust me, I have had many discussions about why to cancel Olympics.

The government just seems to take only the number of all athletes and don't take into consideration all the entourage and other people involved in this (from the time landing on Japanese soil).

I believe there are quite a few rationaly thinking people in the government, but they are not being heard because "their superiors are there longer and thus know more".

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How much was she paid by Bach and co to say this?

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