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Premier League's slow slide into video review chaos far removed from FIFA vision for VAR in 2016


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VAR is not the problem. It works fine by giving an opportunity to correct inevitable errors made by match officials, as they cannot see everything going on, from multiple angles. The problem is that the people operating VAR are making a complete lash up of using it.

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More controversial VAR decisions this season than any other and only 11 games played. Liverpool's Diaz was denied a goal in a critical match.

"Diaz was flagged offside after scoring but replays showed he was actually onside. But Darren England, the VAR, mistakenly believed the on-field decision had been to award the goal, leading him to tell Simon Hooper, the referee, that the check was complete."

Changes are needed, now.

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The implementation, especially in the English Premier League, has been very poor.

It needs an "umpire's call" like in cricket, a mechanism whereby marginal decisions by the onfield referee cannot be overturned. Do that and the referee will remain the authority. If VAR can overturn anything, then any decision can be argued about endlessly.

Offsides should be automated using the Dubai WC techology. It is much quicker and seems much better than the lines used in the Premier League.

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I’m getting fed up with this VAR lark now. It’s causing so much trouble and stops the flow of the game touch for my liking.

A better system needs to be implemented or scrap it and go back to the old ways.

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The problem is that the people operating VAR are making a complete lash up of using it.

Pretty much.

The technology itself is pretty good overall.

The apologies have been apologies for human error.

Wolves have had horrendous decisions against them this season.

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Scrap VAR, it is destroying the game. The excitement is lost when fans are waiting around for some minutes for the verdict. Let referees only decide on situations during a game as it used to be in the past. Sure referees are human and may make errors but these things tend to balance out over the course of a season.

At least in the Championship (league 2), where my team plays, there is no VAR and games flow nicely.

The only technology worth its salt is the goal line technology which determines whether or not the whole ball crossed the line.

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Let A.I. decide in a split-second

Can't be any worse, lol

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There is a solution.

Give decision making back to the referee and not the VAR team. Then like in cricket give each team around 3 appeals a game where the referee can refer to the TMO. Even in cricket umpires miss difficult calls and teams use up their appeals. That would also make teams think before appealing for everything.

Also simplify the laws again. For example offside only if a gap in front of the last defender and deliberate handball only. Goal line is already in place and as mentioned above the WC tech should be used for offside.

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