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Premier League club Newcastle bought by Saudi sovereign fund


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The biggest and most well resourced clubs have always bought success through hiring the best managers and signing the best players. Even when clubs are owned by fans, the biggest clubs with greater captialization will be more successful than others. How is it that you support Liverpool when there are loads of other clubs in the area, is it because they are among the biggest and most successful clubs in North West of England? Why not support Tranmere or Southport if you are worried about clubs buying titles (which your club also does)? But, it says a lot about the Ashley reign that the fans would rather see the club run by autocratic and repressive owners with an awful human rights record than Ashley.

> zichiToday 08:26 am JST

personally not happy about rich foreigners owning the British Clubs including my own Liverpool. Clubs should be owned by the fans.

Clubs are buying success not really earning it.

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I am not from Liverpool nor even the UK, so you can call me a plastic all you like, but I have supported the toon since 2003 when I moved to tyneside for study. However, even in the 50s, when you started following football, clubs still bought titles by employing ring-ins and good managers in order to ensure success. So this is not a new thing in football nor sports which was my point. But I get your point. Money is ruining football. I think eventually, the premier league will need to do something to limit the effects of the inequalities within football and even within the premier league. It's is not fair and we need to level the playing field for clubs playing for the champions league places versus those newly promoted clubs or those trying to avoid relegation. It is getting boring watching Man City win another title simply because they have the biggest cheque book and they can somehow break the FFP rules with impunity. Maybe we may need to have to have some kind of salary cap which operates in a lot of American sports and seems to make the competitions more equable there. You still have these cheque book teams such as the yankees in baseball and the lakers in basket ball, but there seems a lot more variability in their champions. Also, we need to do something about the top clubs hovering up the young talent. It is not good for the game. The best young players end up at the biggest clubs where they may languish in the reserves and go out on never ending loans until they are 23-24 where they are sold because they did not measure up despite never really getting a chance (looking at you Chelsea).

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Given the Toon is short on both bread and circuses, it was inevitable that money would trump morality. After all, successive UK governments capitulated on (lack of) principle to Arab oil and, more than just closing their eyes to the crimes against humanity committed by Arab despots, actively participated in profiting from all the ensuing death and destruction. I suppose most Newcastle fans will be singing from the same song sheet: Let the Games Begin! Political Economy 101: pleasing the plebs means profits.

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