Pride on the line as England hosts Germany in World Cup warmup


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England have been awful for months. Entirely bereft of tactical ability, error prone and incapable of scoring, despite the considerable individual ability of many of the players. The male team that is. England's Women's team are much better. If only they could get Sarina Wiegman to manage both.

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Two old adversaries, The Three Lions and Die Mannschaft. No matter how much their form has fallen in recent times, fans can expect a tough match with a lot of emotion. Hopefully there will be some razzle-dazzle football with goals aplenty for these two goal-shy nations.

I think those voices calling for Southgates head are misguided. Sacking the gaffer now - just a couple of months shy of Dubai - would be madness. He will get the team going again.

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just a couple of months shy of Dubai

Shy of Qatar even!

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The male team that is. England's Women's team are much better.

If England's team played England's women's team it would be double digits by half time. The women are in no way 'better' whatsoever. Just much easier competition. Watching women's football is like watching lads and dads level.

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Today  01:43 pm JST

“ Two old adversaries, The Three Lions and Die Mannschaft. “

More like the toothless lions; England will never be able to catch the Germans; they can win a few matches, yes, reach an European final, but, where’s the consistency(?) / where are the titles(?) : an accidental WC title in 66 is not enough.

England counterpart Gareth Southgate is under even more pressure after five games without a winthe team’s worst run in eight years. England hasn’t scored a goal from open play in 495 minutes. “

tbh this is embarrassing; yes, Germany isn’t well, sure, but everyone’s still afraid of Germany – that ‘s the difference; they have their history to back them up. BUT, this is football and the WC is almost here; everything can change, including the soul of a national team.

( let’s hope we can have a great game tonight )

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