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Pumas lift suspensions over racist tweets in shock U-turn


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I get it, when I was young I said stupid things, luckily not on the interweb and I worked very hard not to represent my nation. Life evolves and what is said 10yrs ago probably doesn't apply now. If he posted that this year he is a bigoted idiot. People grow, change I know I'd be ashamed if my thoughts 20yrs ago were news.

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This is confusing. How was the racist stuff related to Maradona's death? Is/was Maradona regarded as "black" in some way in Argentina?

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Not black but certainly seen as having a bit of "Indio" in him.

Many countries in Latin and South America are pretty blatant in their stratification along racial lines.

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@Cricky, well said. I said and did some pretty dumb things when I was young.

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Mavera looks very dark skinned in that photo, who was he referring to in his tweets, his family?

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