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Putin bans protests in Sochi during Winter Olympics


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Putin is an arse with a capital C.

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time for all international sporting events to reconsider choosing Russia as a host due it it's violation of Human rights. IOC should condemn RUSSIA as well as FIFA (2018 World Cup). .

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But he cannot be allowed to go ahead with this - if other, attending countries, don't speak up and react, it's as good s lying down and letting Putin drop a turd on human rights. Something must be done.

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Maybe Snowden can run with the torch?

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Olympic games used to be a celebration of mankind.

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WOW, the 2014 Winter Olympics sound like they will be so carefree and free spirited, where freedom to be who you are and celebrate sports and life will be NON-EXISTENT.

These Sochi Winter Games will feel more like being in a prison with a curfew and a beating to help keep you in check. Sad but you'd think that Mother Russia would have evolved since the Cold War years and the Iron Curtain's fall but it almost seems as if it's the 60's and 70's all over again EXCEPT that this time the WORLD IS WATCHING WITH A MICROSCOPE known as the 'internet'. So sad for Russia (two steps backward).

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Don't worry. Snowden is there to openly support everybody exposing government policies that are unconstitutional. Surely he won't keep quiet about it. It'll be the best experience ever for everybody attending there!

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Just boycott it if you're planning on going over there. You can wait four more years.

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When's Putin going to come goose-stepping out of the closet?

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All democratic countries should supply their Olympic athletes with diplomatic passports. That way they can protest to their hearts' content and have immunity from arrest.

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I've never bought into the "Iraq was better off under Sadam" argument, but I'm starting to think that Russia was better off under the Soviets.

No freedom, social stability and economic security versus no freedom, thuggery and unemployment.

I know which I'd choose.

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Giving despots an international stage to promote their propaganda only gives credence to their agenda. The IOC should refrain from doing business with leaders/countries who routinely fail to adhere to global human rights standards.

Unfortunately, things will never really change until the Russian people demand it and from what I have seen and read, combined anecdote with the handful of Russian friends and colleagues I have had the pleasure to know, I would not hold my breath for change anytime soon.

I am not often dumbfounded, and I try to be empathetic to all stakeholders in any argument which often puts me at odds with people with nationalistic leanings, but I am amazed at the near homogenous support of Putin's growing fascism. I would be very interested to hear from any Russians here who may be able to offer some perspective.

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Giving despots an international stage to promote their propaganda only gives credence to their agenda.

How'd that work out for Hitler in '36? (A reminder: Jessie Owens.)

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John- You asked how that worked out for Hitler and I'd guess that you do not remember the event, so I would suggest yo look up the medal count. While Jesse Owens had one for the record books, Germany dominated on the podium in gold, silver, bronze and total medals which gave Hitler the chance to promote his uber-nationalistic and fascist agenda on a world stage.

My point is that when a government is clearly ignoring basic human rights, then the IOC should not be rewarding these regimes with the financial and political windfall that the Olympics entails. Without negative repercussions, negative behavior fails to be modified.

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