Pyeonchang gold medalist Hanyu greeted by big hometown crowd in Sendai


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Welcome home,Yuzuru-Chan! He looks so happy to be home. I really wish I was in Sendai today to see Yuzuru-Chan, I would have been shouting and cheering with thousands of other people!

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Hearty Welcome The Great yuzuru hanyu chan Great Nihon jin congratulations.

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Great for him, he is a national hero.

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What makes Hanyu a champion isn't just his gold medals but his humble and kind hearted personality. Congratulations!

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5 Million yen is a sizeable amount - though was it done for tax offsetting purposes ? If so, he's surely got a lot of income coming in from somewhere.

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mmwkdw, "Hanyu donated 5 million yen EACH to Miyagi and Sendai", which is an even more sizeable amount!

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