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Pyeongchang Games could include events in Japan


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Where are the rinks and mountains in South Korea? Sad choice. Just keep the games in places with infrastructure for it.

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Well I hope this can be an opportunity for cooperation and not further recrimination, but I don't have my hopes up.

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I totally agree with Scipantheist's comment above. I would really like to see our two countries working together in whatever possible events, instead of casting slurs on each other.

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geez, the must be desperate! You know it must be hurting their pride to have to ask! Winter Oly's in Korea, Soccer WC in In Qatar.....the world is topsy turvy!

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Underlying incentive for the Koreans, construction of the bobsled run is one of the most costly, environmentally damaging and least used post-olympic venues. Sure, move it to Japan.

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That would be embarrassing for Korea

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Pyeongchang 2018 winter Olympics organizers and two international federations are discussing the possibility of moving some sliding competitions from the South Korean city to Japan, sources within the Olympic movement said on Saturday.

The only question that needs to be asked is: Is it good for Japan? No. Japan has more important things to worry about like the 2020 summer Olympics. If South Korea can't pay for the winter games, that's their problem. Maybe they could free up some funds from their lunar exploration program seeing as how they don't have enough money for that project either.

Korea's ambitious plans to launch a lunar probe in the year 2020 may have to wait a little longer. Why? Because the parliamentary budget committee failed to reflect some 40 million dollars that was supposed to be funneled into the first stages of a moon exploration project in next year's budget. So the plan to launch a test orbiter in 2017 and land a home-grown probe on the moon in 2020 are almost certain to be postponed. It's estimated that more than 600 million dollars will be needed to fund the entire lunar project.

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Simply cancel some of the events.

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An embarrassment for ROK, definitely, but what would Japan stand to gain from from hosting 2 or 3 event? Sure, IOC and Korean Olympic Committee would allocate some funds to them, but everyone knows it no longer worth it to host Olympic events. Nagano or Japan shpuld be amply compensated if this goes forward, or any city ot would go to.

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read something about a proposal for SK to host some events of the Tokyo Olympics in exchange for Japan hosting some of these games. That sounds far-fetched considering Tokyo organizers won't even let Osaka host some events..

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