Qatar hits back at English FA over hosting World Cup


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No offence to the people of Qatar, but your country isn't suited to a summer or the grossly impractical idea of a winter World Cup. A winter World Cup may see a drop in the searing temperatures but wouldn't make a blind bit of difference to a country totally unsuited to the party atmosphere essential to the atmosphere.

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Jimizo, A soccer world cup is a world cup. There is no specific rule that it has to be played in winter or summer. I suppose for the European countries and England it will suit them better to play in a country with milder temperature in this case it would not be suitable for players that come from warmer weather. So please do not classified the games as a winter game only. This is a world game.

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Its accademic any way blatter has implied that it will be moved to winter so it will be moved to winter .However there is the distinct possibility that European teams as is their right will not release players to play in it if it is moved to winter and threatens to disrupt their leagues .

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@redcliff I'm all in favour of having the World Cup in countries outside Europe and South America but they must fit the criteria. Most of the world's top players play in Europe and the logistical nightmare of a winter World Cup may see top clubs reluctant to release their top players as mentioned above. Will that be what football fans want to see? That aside, does Qatar check the boxes? Does it have a genuine love of the game? Does it have a climate and stadiums conducive to good football? Can fans go there and enjoy a party atmosphere? It's a ludicrous decision, and the football will suffer.

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Very interesting that Sepps lap dog Jim boyce has come out and said that common sense needs to come to the fore and in the interests of the game a sensible discision needs to be made ,criteria that perhaps should have been applied before giving Qatar the world cup which at the time was to be played in the summer as is traditional .

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