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Qatar World Cup shift gives Japan winter blues


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Lazy Germans, Winter breaks are for the weak

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Qatar is in Asia, didn't know maps had changed

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“But it’s a World Cup in Asia—and so we will have to cooperate by cramming in games in order to help make it a success.”

He clearly sees what this World Cup is but he's another jellyfish. The continent has got sod all to do with anything. All countries need to boycott this scandalous World Cup no matter where they are or what association they belong to. Time to grow a pair and give the finger to the geriatric brown envelope brigade.

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Qatar is in Asia, didn't know maps had changed

No it isn't, it's in the Middle East.

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Regardless of the Qatar bidding issue, I am tired with these whining soccer federations. They have 7 years - SEVEN YEARS! - to get prepared for that. What business has such a long grace period for 100 times more drastic business environment changes!

A bunch of brainless idiots making easy money, nothing else!

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Well, if Japan plays like they did in the last World Cup, they will only be playing in the first round, after which they can return back to Japan and the J. League can resume.

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