Race for acceptance: Why Japan's Paralympics mean more than medals

By Shingo ITO

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I fully support diversity and the right of disabled to participate in society. However, I would question whether sports is the best use of money to promote this.

Scandinavia is widely regarded as having made the greatest progress toward women's emancipation. Are women's sports big there? I have never noticed them at women's soccer. I do not see exposure through (elite) sports as a necessary condition for progress for ordinary people in society. That idea is just vanity/self-importance on the part of competitors.

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also for lasting acceptance in a Japanese society where disabled people can feel pressured to stay out of the public eye.

Indeed, it is a disgrace that in 2020 people with disabilities are still nowhere near fully accepted in Japanese society....this country is improving slowly but still has a long way to go.

"But personally I don't feel that I want to hide my prosthetic leg...

Good on should not feel like you have to hide it. 100%.

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local train stations around me have no escalators or lifts. Toilets are Japanese style. This 2020.

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Alert: Unconfirmed sources said IOC told Japan Olympic 2021 is cancelled. Because of spread of COVID 19 in Europe.

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If you think Japan is bad for handicapped people, try going anywhere in Southeast Asia. The sidewalks are either potholed or non existent and you need to look down while walking to not fall in a manhole. No way a person in a wheelchair could get around.

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Japan is one country that does an excellent job for wheelchair bound people when it comes to public transportation. There are lifts on public buses, the bus driver gets off sets up everything for that person and straps the person in without no complaints or attitude same goes for the trains.

In my country, handicap people have to make appointments with handicap buses to get from point A to point B what a shame.

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