Racism on the rise in English soccer, says watchdog


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All forms of bigotry are on the rise in the Anglophone world. If we don't take a stand against it, we might become the next Nazi dictatorship.

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This is not news. Britain has deeply ingrained racism throughout society. Probably a hangover from the empire days when people of color were subjects to be exploited for the greater glory of Brittania.

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It's sad but there are plenty of football fan organisations that won't stand for that kind of behaviour, either.

Dulwich Hamlet FC paved the way

I first experienced racism in the UK over 30 years ago. I couldn't believe it was happening in a country I had admired so much. Since then, I got used to it. Besides, compared to some of the things that had happened to friends and colleagues, it was relatively minor.

While it may be on the rise in the beautiful game, real fans won't stand for it.

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It's England, innit? Most people, sadly, are stupid, and football, with its colours and its tribalism, attracts the most stupid (I exclude my brilliant self).

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Very disappointing news. While I don’t want to downplay this, it’s worth pointing out that it’s a lot better than it used to be. I can remember monkey chants, crowds making hissing sounds against Spurs ( English football fans will know the meaning ) and homophobic chanting as commonplace in the 80s. I’m sure football fans were reminded of how bad things were after the sad death of Cyrille Regis, and remembering the filthy abuse he received in the 70s and 80s.

Membership of racist groups is still very low and the brief surge of the BNP has gladly fizzled out.

I think Luca nailed it. Football tribalism attracts headbangers - some of these headbangers will just chant what a fellow headbanger chants. Utter trash.

It is very concerning and this crap has to be severely punished, but I don’t think the UK will be under the jackboot anytime soon.

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I saw Cyril at Man City years ago. One of the Coventry fans called him a "fat, useless *****". Quick as a flash, a bloke standing a couple of rows in front turned round and said "I don't think it really matters what colour he is, mate," very loudly. Brilliant.

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As tempting as it sounds to put the boot into English football (and it sure is tempting lol!), I really don't think that a/racism is an English football-only issue, b/they are worse than others.

Racism has been endemic in most/all East euro, Italian, Spanish leagues (on and off the pitch) for decades and is also on the rise in French football (both pro and amateur ranks), same in other footy codes/countries. Pbm is 2018 idiots (fans/players) think it's just 'footy banter/sledging' i.e. 'com'on mate, was just trying to get under his skin', ' was only banter' etc. Have the impression that racist terms have recently been banalised & trivialised by many, possibly because they've seen others (including minorities perhaps) use them in a 'jokey way' i.e. they reckon you can pretty much say anything to anyone provided you've got a smile on your face. They're obviously wrong.

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I dread to think what the World Cup is going to be like in Russia.

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I’ll keep saying it. Racism is nothing but another word for jealousy. Hating someone because they’re better than you. You can hate the actions of any person....even your own race, and it doesn’t make you racist. It means you don’t like what a certain person is doing. That then leads into the all (Blacks, Whites, Latinos.etc; are not the same) Ghese so called racists are just plain old weak haters.

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Sports fanaticism, low education, racism, and domestic violence all go hand in hand. No more so do these things play out than at an English football match. Then there's the alcoholism, too. An English friend told me when he was a child, he was terrified to go the stadium. I'm just glad there are almost no non-caucasians in Aussie Rules--can you imagine the beast of racism that would rear its head down there?

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We don't have this problem in the States, and you see very violence against rival team fans.

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No more so do these things play out than at an English football match.

Have you been to many?

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