Raducanu back in Britain and in demand after U.S. Open win


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Move over Naomi.... A new star has arrived!

Down to earth, genuine and beautiful, seems to play tennis rather well too.

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Heck of a blouse there on the left. Will she skyrocket and explode like the others?

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She is so beautiful and her ancestry make her more attractive. She is the legend of this century . I hope Naomi should learn from her. How to be humble and not as arrogant and being a tool of the left. Who start being political than a sport person.

End of Naomi Era and a new star has born. for ever..... a legend , a history maker....

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As for top soccer coach Jurgen Klopp, who manages Premier League team Liverpool, he has described her as the “talent of the century.”

The hype machine is in high gear. Talent of the century winning one GS, Those before her than won more than one GS were never talent of the century. Klopp should stick to soccer and making Liverpool better.

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Talent of the century? That's just too much overrated. What's with these words inspiration and influencer these days?

Anyway she has to win over that arrogant halfu and that would be best talk of the town in sports world.

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And she can wear an evening dress without looking like a female bodybuilder. Nice!

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The top's nice but I'm not too keen on the rest of the dress. However she still looks great - you could wrap bathroom curtains round her, and I bet she'd still look great. Serena and Maria were simply screaming out 'Look at me!' at the Met Gala.

Talent of the century?

I agree it's still early days, but she's proven she is more than capable. The real test will be next year. Hopefully she'll be back on the US segment of the tour in the upcoming weeks and I look forward to seeing how she fares against top 10 players.

End of Naomi Era and a new star has born. for ever..... a legend , a history maker....

I actually want to see Osaka back because more competition makes tennis more interesting. But if she's going to start moaning about press conferences and beating up racquets again, then I'd rather she quit. While she's away, I hope she also gets professional help on how to speak in public. She just doesn't come off as very mature.

For those who know where to look, you can see Raducanu giving interviews in Chinese. She sounds much more fluid than in those Youtube videos. She might or might not need to brush up on her Romanian, but Osaka definitely needs to brush up on her Japanese - it's difficult to connect with home fans without a proper grasp of a common language.

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Why the comparison of 2 tennis players, one negative, the other positive. Both are athletes who've lost and won. Both beauties in the eye of the beholder. Both bi-racial. These are the common denominator, why read more into the story.

Believe me, they are mature enough to respect each other, which says a lot for some on here

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They are both biracial but only one threw the country that accepted her under the bus. The Osaka family left Japan because of racism in Japan. Then she accuses the US of racism and reverts back to Japanese citizenship. Of course nothing to do with Japanese corporate sponsorship... Emma has not abused her British citizenship.

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I just looove the Brittish politicians jumping on her like dirty leeches. including the most disgusting Nigel Farage (who, in all fairness, was punished severily by the Brits themselves for his comments "supporting" Raducanu). I guess he'd have no issue living next to her Romanian father.

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Mr Kipling:

Exceedingly well said.


And don't forget Rupert Murdoch's other son, Piers Morgan, who is now claiming responsibility for Radders picking herself up from Wimbledon and 'not quitting'. He'd know all about quitting. A disgusting man who used disgusting tactics during his past journalism career at tabloid newspapers.

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Piers Morgan A disgusting man who used disgusting tactics during his past journalism career at tabloid newspapers.

He spent his entire tenure at CNN (when he replaced Larry King) lobbying for gun control.It cost him his job there, no doubt about that. A miscalculation on his part.

I do agree that he’s an amoral scammer.

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Raducanu is in danger of being overhyped - let her win more than 1 GS first

Recent women's tennis are littered with 1-time GS winners - not including Raducanu's win, of the last 17 GS winners, 7 have only won 1 GS

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