Rakuten-bound fielder Andruw Jones arrested on battery charge in Atlanta


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welcome to Japan :)

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Nicole is or used to be involved in a charity to help domestic violence survivors, so sad to hear about this incident, (pics and info about her here )

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I saw that same artice about Nicole at ) love her jewelry, it sure is disturbing to hear about that dspute especialy on Christmas

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Not the slugger they'd hope for.

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He's done more hitting here than on the field to raise his average.

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Rakuten should think hard about bring this head case to Japan. Perhaps the contract has an out in class of criminal activity, that is if he is convicted. Wife may drop charges as often happens.

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Just what Japan needs, another wife beater.

Nice how there are two paragraphs on what happened and two going on about how great he is...

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The brutha thumped his women and now he's in the slamma...

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If he was hitting a bong then he would be banned, but hitting a woman still gets a pass.

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If he is convicted this could prevent him from obtaining a visa. The court could also confiscate his passport until the trial.

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Reported today he put his hands around his wife's neck and told her he wanted to kill her. Rakuten would be crazy to bring this time bomb to Japan. He has made $106 million in his career. Losing $3.5 million if Rakuten backs out in chump change.

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