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Rakuten's Iwakuma cleared to go to major leagues


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Iwakuma is a less powerful Kuroda. He is a very cerebral pitcher whom many feel holds back to keep his stamina.

I expect him to be about a 9-10 3.50 ERA pitcher in MLB. A good third starter in any rotation.

I wish Ma-kun or Yoshinori would go to MLB, THEN you woudl see some serious guns.

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Rakuten used to have 3 very good startes but I guess that did not happen this year. Iwakuma is pretty good though. Without having checked stats or anything, he was probably better at around 2006/07 or so than now.

Depending on how much Rakuten get they might post him or even not post him. If they do post him, then it'll put good will pressure on Iwakuma to return to Rakuten again if he then returns to Japan from the Majors after a few years.

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they will post him. Expect about $12-15 Mil posting fee. His last year on his contract is next year so it would make no sense not to post him now.

He was actually just as good this year as he was in 2008, his best career year. 2009 was an off year for him but he is still only 29.

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Watch the Muts go after him

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