Ramirez, Darvish named MVPs in Japan


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It's nice seeing a foreigner and a half-Japanese winning the NPB MVP awards.

Slowly, but surely, Japan is making progress.

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Pathat, there's been many foreigners who have won MVP in Japan.

I don't get how Darvish is MVP, though - Wakui is clearly the better pitcher in the PL this year (though on a much worse team).

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Maybe Darvish got the MVP based on the World Baseball Classic?

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Pawatan: Yes, like Alex Ramirez in 2008.

I'm merely commenting on the continual, albeit gradual, progress Japan is making in NPB by treating foreign players more as legitimate team members, and moving toward a situation where awards like those discussed here are commonplace and based solely on merit.

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Slowly, but surely, Japan is making progress

Fine, Now let's wait for JP Postal Stamps of these MVPs in Japan.

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I thought Rami-chan had a comparatively quiet season (though still very good). Guess noone else stepped up...

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Pathat - Foreigners winning big in Japan is no big deal. Sumo's greatest start is half-Russian (Taiho), Japanese baseball's greatest home run hitter is Taiwanese (Oh-san), and there are also a number of other "foreign" sports standouts: Victor Starffin (baseball), Isao Harimoto (baseball - Korean by birth).

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Ramirez had a great season. I also think he was of the Giants that enjoys playing. BUT I think Blanco is more important to his team than Ramirez.

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