Ramirez' new home a far cry from the bright lights of Tokyo


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No drug testing in Japan?

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When actually living in countryside cities in Japan, one tends to learn all the very nice things about the local area. So, after a while, Manny might enjoy living in Kochi ... and traveling around Shikoku. I enjoyed Kochi very much as well as exploring Shikoku. Lots to see and do in that area ...

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A luxury hotel paid for, a luxury car and chauffeur at his disposal, any food he might want, a cakewalk job as a DH for his new team.

Sounds like a heckuva deal for a washed-up, middle-aged guy. Ramirez will enjoy himself for a couple months and then head home.

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The writer gets his information from Visit Kochi website without getting other information from the locals?

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I will definitely go see a game but probably when they play on the road in Tokushima which is a shorter distance from Kansai.

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'With an all dirt infield, it's typical of many small town baseball stadiums in Japan'

Truth be told, there are only three American style grassy infield ball parks aywhere in Japan. One is Yokohama stadium, maybe because it doubles as a soccer field. Another is in Kobe but not Tigers' Koshien. The third I need to go reread.

Anyway, good luck Manny! The grueling part of playing in a four team indy league will be the opressive heat and humidity of late summer. If Manny lasts through that, we'll know that he has really taken a liking to Japan.

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