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Randall is third Jamaican to admit positive dope test


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Seems most sports have doping troubles. Is an answer maybe to allow doping?

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Abd you all still think the famous fast man Bolt isnt using ?

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Readers, please do not slander Bolt.

dope test, awesome band name

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Not so happy now, eh Tyson? The old sporting ideals are crumbling one by one as it succumbs to greed and commerce. Match fixing, doping, cheating all becoming a feature of modern sports.

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To me, the title implies they "admit" guilt, but they apparantly didn't.

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"If you don't take It, you won't make It" was coined for a reason bar no-one.Only those in denial or don't understand sports would think otherwise.

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I read yesterday that of the 10 fastest men of all time, 6 have tested positive to performance-enhancing drugs. Gay (U.S) , Blake (Jamaica), Powell (Jamaica), Gatlin (U.S), Mullings (Jamaica) and Ben Johnson (Jamaica/Canada). Who is next?

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Just to give some additional info:

Every year, their MVP track club has an extended camp lasting several months in Europe. This allows the athletes to be in Europe and more easily attend the many meets that take place at this time of year.

After hearing from WADA that a sample had tested postive, the athletes and their agent contacted the Italian police to search the room of the physio trainer, and the majority of the supplements/bottles were taken from the trainer's room for further testing.

The athletes and their coach did background checks on the supplement that they recently began to take from this trainer and there was no indication that it had the banned substance.

In Jamaica where I am currently residing, there have been many calls for sometime now for the world athletics body and WADA to certify the manufacturers of supplements that meet the required criteria. Athletes cannot take the majority of medication for simple things like cold etc. Even panadol multisymptom contains banned substances so a lot of pressure is on athletes (many of whom do not have a chemistry background) to constantly be aware of variations in the chemical structure of simple substances and how they are combined with other substances.

There was an initial report that one of the athletes is considering suing the manufacturer of the supplement. I think that only when such an action is taken will manufacturers be put under pressure to ensure that there is correct labelling of ALL the ingredients in their products.
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Many supplements presented in equally synthetic and organic sorts are probably not always risk free to use. But if you're buying a supplement from a reputable, science-based company, you probably have nothing to fear. You probably won't need to be concerned about its safety or efficacy since all the raw material were properly tested for purity and potency. However now a days questionable supplement companies concerned only with profits than quality seem to be so common. No wonder contaminants and other illegal ingredients are being put into the product. I believe countries like America have the FDA approve only pharmaceutical products thus the supplements are excluded. Therefore at the end of the day the only way to truly trust the supplement you're taking is to trust the company that provided it..

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