Rangers' Darvish to have season-ending surgery Tuesday


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Wow... didn't even last a season and now won't be back until May 2016 at the earliest. Oh well... easy 56 million dollars for him. Hope he recovers soon, and hope Tanaka doesn't blow out, too.

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Due to the large number of innings Japanese pitchers clock up in their high school years and in NPB, most who go to the majors have, on average, a 3 year window to perform at their peak before arm fatigue or injury derails them. There are very few exceptions besides Hiroki Kuroda. If Tanaka makes it through the season I'll be amazed.

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Hang in there, Yu-san ! Really hoping things turn out well for you !

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iN 2013, he was so strong armed in AL West. Angels gave up when its power hitters faced Yu. After surgery, he will be back and then Rangers will have another good season. Rangers do not pay as much as A's or Angeles so hope Angeles will sign when he gets healthy. But Rangers will not trade him out. Rangers have eyes on WS and it will need Yu to achieve such ambition.

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easy 56 million dollars for him

You think surgery and rehabilitation are easy?

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I'm glad Darvish made the decision to stay in the States with the Rangers instead of coming back to Japan while he is recovering from surgery. But only time will tell if he can come back and not go the way of Matsuzaka.

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At least he will rehabilitate in nice weather Texas. Not in North. There are many Yu fans in Texas. Not only there but there are many funss in Calif. Angeles funs used to applaud when Yu showed up.

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Elbow ligament replacement surgery is pretty expensive, but I guess between his insurance and his salary he's covered, lol.

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