Rays release Hideki Matsui


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Matsui is now free to sign with any team.

Don't know if any team will sign with him...

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I'd like to see him sign with the Tigers.

Hanshin Tigers, that is. They could use a good bat in the lineup.

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Yes, people of Japan still supports him, so I think he is better off in Japan.

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The 38-year-old was batting .147...

Ouch. Good luck on getting another job. The current record holder for the lowest batting average in modern history is Rob Deer, who in 1991 finished with just .179...

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He had a great career. A star in Japan, an admirable career in the bigs, world series hero. Nothing left to do Hideki. Time to hang em up I guess.

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He can join the SMAP or the AKB48 now.

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Would love to see Hanshin sign him to a Johjima-like contract. hehehe

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Combini, you have to meet certain criteria, ie 3.1 plate appearances per game to qualify. Matsui had less than 100 at bats. He missed spring training and never really got into a groove. As for low batting averages, Brandon Wood hit .146 in over 200 at bats just 2 years ago.

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Time to think things over. Hope he can land in the right place.

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