Record 40 positive cases puts more coronavirus strain on English Premier League


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I don't think this needs much comment, really.

Pictures of Tottenham trio Erik Lamela, Sergio Reguilon and Giovani Lo Celso and West Ham's Manuel Lanzini attending a Christmas party with family and friends emerged over the weekend, prompting Spurs to promise internal disciplinary proceedings... City have also launched an investigation after left-back Benjamin Mendy admitted to breaching Covid protocols by hosting a New Year's Eve party.

Privileged, and stupid.

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If it's a question of maintaining the nation's morale with football entertainment, why don't they show all the matches on free channels? It couldn't be because the subscription/pay-per-view services don't want to lose money, could it? Of course the clubs rely on money from these services to pay the obscene wages paid to the pampered and selfish morons who play the game. While football club employees were having salary cuts or being laid off, almost no players took a pay cut to keep them in work. A case in point: a teenage player at my local club, who plays occasionally for the first team, earns a basic salary of £10,000 per week. Like all his team mates, he refused to take a pay cut as he had 'responsibilities' and 'didn't want to set a precedent'. What 17 year old has responsibilities on that level? Meanwhile ground and administrative staff were laid off. My neighbour, a nurse working in an ICU, doesn't even earn in a year what he earns in a month. Go figure.

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