Record viewers for Women's World Cup


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I think the next game for Japan is on Saturday. Can't wait to watch.

I wish boxing championships, like the Mayweather-Pachiao, and tennis Grand Slams were on regular TV like soccer is.

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Go japan

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Go USA. Holy crap! USA Men's Soccer defeated Germany. WTF-

I know the women's team is badass. Guess USA men got lucky.

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Japan playing in Vancouver was brilliant. China should play in either Vancouver or Toronto. France should play in Montreal. Lots of Cameroonians in Toronto too.

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Go Japan - Go USA - Oh my god - another USA vs Japan possibility. Wouldn't that be great!

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Yeah the Japanese women are pretty good.They start young too. I watch young girls train while I am doing my athletics training and they do not mess around. Japan obviously has a good development program in place for girls. I swear though they were copying one of my middle distance workouts on a mini scale anyways.

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There would be even more viewers if they wore tighter shorts (another great Sepp Blatter idea).

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I wish boxing championships, like the Mayweather-Pachiao, and tennis Grand Slams were on regular TV like soccer is.

Mayweather-Pacquiao was on WOWOW , which you can subscribe to for like 2,000 yen for a month. If you were living in US, you'd have to pay around 10,000 yen just for this single match. I think other countries are pretty expensive too. The Grand Slams are also all aired on WOWOW I'm pretty sure.

FYI, There is basically nothing on "regular TV". Get skyperfect, HikariTV or cable TV, and subscribe to WOWOW if necessary.

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I have watched young soccer girls train on my local track for 6 years. They work hard. The Japanese women deserve all the glory they get.

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Guess USA men got lucky.

It wasn't luck but perfect timing. While the players of the US team are in perfect shape in preparation of the CONCACAF Gold Cup, the German Bundesliga had just ended and most players interrupted their vacation to join the friendly game.

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