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Cheap shot in college football game stirs national controversy


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JSA chief Daichi Suzuki described the hit as "a dangerous act and merited a straight red card." 

Exactly. And it happened right in front of the ref! Both the ref & tackler should get a lengthy ban (1 year). Career-ending tackles must be stamped out of the game. Could have been much, much worse.

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player on Thursday and could add sanctions after hearing head coach Masato Uchida, who has been reprimanded.

Why was the coach reprimanded? Shouldn't the player be laid off the team instead!

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The first was horrific, and difficult to watch. The player actually made three dangerous late tackles before he was sent off, but the coach merely patted him on the head, with no reprimand that anyone could see. The coach in a later TV interview was unwilling to apologize or condemn his player, and ambiguous as to whether he actually encourages dangerous play. Just hard attacking play, he said.

This evening the news showed that Nihon University have finally sent a letter of apology for the behavior of their player; their player also went on record to say that his coach never encouraged him to make such kind of tackles.

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The video shows the coaching staff & players are congratulating “91” after the hit. It can’t be overstated how dangerous & Illegal that type of hit was!! The fact that a “coach” won’t acknowledge that shows he has no place in the game.

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I don't know about American football but in soccer if a player does dangerous play and is sent out he he gets a pat on the back and heads straight to the change room. I have never seen reprimanding on the side line! I guess talks are at closed doors and apologies and penalties are post-factum!

This said the play in question was hilarious and referee's actions were inappropriate. I just can't explain to myself why it was replyed at least 50 times this morning on one of the private TV channels. Last night it also got a lot of media coverage. It might be just single player that had a 'glitch' in his head and thought he is a terminator or something...

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