Ex-Japan soccer coach Halilhodzic to sue JFA over sudden firing


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Good on him.

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It is usually the coach that takes responsibility for unsatisfying performance. Problem is that often the team players are not up to the task. Too bad to see Japan team losing strength right before the WC and him not able to find the right players.

After all it depends on his contract. If there was clause he can be sacked and they pay compensation there is nothing more he can do. Just go find the next African or Middle East team coach!

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i agree with bogva here.  Every coach knows that his appointment is temporary from the moment he signs it.  Japan has not been playing well and yes, they qualified for the Worldcup but that is a must with every coach for Japan in the Asian confederation.

What Hallilhodzic is doing is immature and strange for such an experienced professional.  If he got compensated according to his contract than he has to move on. I understand his frustration, everyone working in sports has the same frustrations sometimes in their careers, wetter as athletes, coaches or managers.

Now creating instability for the team is not the right thing to do. He must be silent at least until Japans elimination of this years World Cup, that is professional behavior. And it will give him standing.

I actually agree with this removal, although it should have come much earlier and in a much more respectful way. Wetter his replacement is an improvement is a much different matter.

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He failed to “read the air”. One is supposed to guess the unspoken in Japan.

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Christopher, youve been reading too many coffee table books.

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