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Tokyo must step up now, 3 years from Olympics, Mori says


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Tokyo Olympic organizing committee President Yoshiro Mori said Monday the 2020 host city must start producing with no time to waste, exactly three years to the opening of the games.

If you would kindly move your arse out of the way, maybe everyone else can get the job done.

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Step up? As far I have been told by people working for Tokyo Olympics, they are CUTTING staff as budget overruns more. How does this go?

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How many more cases of death from overwork will this rush to finish create? They are cutting costs and staff numbers like crazy leaving a third of the workers needed to complete this debacle.

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"The Tokyo Games is an Olympics about recovery. It's ironic that we are facing more disasters ahead of an Olympics like Tokyo's, but we want to make these games a success and aid in the relief of the disaster areas."

Not sure the tourism industry will be happy with that statement. Poor PR.

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The Tokyo Games is an Olympics about recovery

The Olympics has been hampering recovery. First, by distracting Japan's leaders, who seemed to spend much of 2012, the year after the disaster, fawning over IOC officials in their desparation to get the Olympics. Second, by diverting money and particularly construction workers away from Tohoku.

how we need to deal with the extreme heat

By hosting the games in October, like they were in 1964. Was a reason ever given for hosting the 2020 games in the exteme heat and humidity of August?

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Step up, folks; if everyone committed 200 hours of overtime like a brave young warrior I knew until a few months ago, we'd get this done, you lazy sods.

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Wow I can feel this country has been very busy. Which I think is a good thing. Abe and his team has a lot to do obviously.

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The construction company presidents have 3 years of celebrating every night.


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IMO, Tokyo is already ready for the games. It only needs some makeup, signs in English and more colorful touches. The real problem that athletes and tourists will remember years after is the scorching heat. Don't understand why the OG weren't moved to May/June or Sep/Oct.

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Above photo. Tokyo knows how to market using old culture.

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Really hope that his goes well, don't remember any positive outcomes for cities hosting the olympics during my lifetime, and I really don't want one of my favorite cities to be harmed by this. Time will tell! Gambatte Tokyo!

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IOC choose a city from a group of candidate of selected places in the world. Next will be alternatively France and Los Angeles.

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Abe tried Tokyo Olympic to become like Japan Olympic but Tokyo did not yield even it would be costly to create a new sport are a. He created Ministry of Olympic.

Tokyo is not only large city in Japan. Maybe Winter Olympic in Hokkaido?

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An Olympics that few at grassroots wants here. I have not met one Japanese who really really wants it. Another case of higher ups making a decision that flies like a lead balloon. It'll 'work' but much like serving tea to the guest you really want to leave.

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