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IOC chief says Tokyo Olympic flame to be lit on March 11, 2020


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Relays of the Olympic flame do not excite Japanese people any more. People of today are not simple to get excited by the ceremony. Many think the Olympic not necessary for Japan and holding the games in sweltering summer foolish.

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The 14th would have been so much more romantic and so "japaneese".... it could have start a new world romantic day for love.

Well, this is my birthday too so.... it could have been a nice birthday present. :p



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On the Japanese city of Sapporo's interest in hosting the Winter Olympics in 2026 or 2030, Bach expressed his appreciation, saying that it is in line with the IOC's policy of taking the advantage of existing facilities and bringing back the games to a "traditional winter sports destination."

Sapporo 2030. Just in time for the Shinkansen, I say.

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maybe they can get all the discontinued robots in Japan to do the relay

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