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Reports of violence, abuse of power in sports hit record 485 in 2023


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Hopefully the increase is only reflecting a better recognition of the incidents as negative and inappropriate, for too long people have accepted verbal violence and a certain degree of abuse as inherent part of many sports so this may mean things are changing.

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Well, I mean, when you don't actually punish people for the abuse, what do you expect? Remember the volleyball coach that was hazing and beating students? What'd he get? Nothing... the team had done too well lately. The PE coach who made kids do pyramids in Osaka even though it has been outlawed? Nothing... "too good a teacher". Well, I shouldn't say they didn't get ANY punishment... they had to watch as the spineless BOEs, police, and local government asked them politely to try and follow the law, then probably beg them to. That had to be pretty embarrassing.

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That is just the number of reports, people. It doesn't mean it actually happened. Don't forget, there is a fine line between competitiveness and violence. For some reason(s), in current times, everything that was once normal is now classified as violence, harassment, or worthy of complaining about. When will these kids be taught the simple and effective Showa Era mantra "Sticks and stones..."??? I'Nudging from this report, Japan needs a more Spartan style approach to athletics, education. and life.

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I have observed that coaching tends to attract the hotheads who are extremely competitive.

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Part of the causes for this is when parents FORCE their kids to be a part of a sporting club or whatnot, so if the kids are scolded by the coach for not performing well, they cry foul. Sports is not for the faint hearted. It should not be forced to young kids who have no desire to be part of it.

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