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Revised cost of Tokyo 2020 Olympic stadium approved


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The government is considering ways to generate funding.

Should'nt this have been done at the start of the project?? Why build something you have no idea how to fund...

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The people who approved this colossal waste of public funds should be prosecuted for treason after the economy collapses from the debt. Disgusting decision when you still have folks living in temporary housing in Tohoku and the overall poverty rate is skyrocketing. Japanese people should lead a mutiny when the government raises the consumption tax again.

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The Olympics are going to do more damage than good for the Japanese economy. Not that anyone seems to care here because OLYMPICS!!!!

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The Japan Sports Council, which will operate the main venue, approved the cost at a meeting on Tuesday

Of course they approved it, it's not their money.

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The japanese ppl should not fool themselves and think this will ne the end of it. Be assured that the costs for that "thing" called Olympics will go much more up. Japanese people have a nostalgic feeling about the 1964 Tokyo Olympics and it brings a lot of good memories back especially to the older generations in this country. But this are other times now, costs will explode and future generations of japanese people will have to pay for this prestige object. It will mean less money for education, health care, disaster prevention and so on. Of course there will be people who will make a lot of profit on this Olympics but the japanese people in general will not see a piece of it.

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Japanese people should lead a mutiny when the government

But these Japanese people are the ones who voted the clowns in. They get what they deserve (unfortunately I get what they deserve too).

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I remember lots of arrogant japanese bragging that Spain was too broke to host the 2020 games and that Tokyo was the best choice. Now everyone and their mother are complaining about all this funding to host the games. Remarkable.

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NHK reported an interesting comparison of construction costs.


Construction Costs of Olympic Main Stadiums

2000 Sydney: 46 billion yen

2004 Athens: 36 billion yen

2008 Beijing: 50 billion yen

2012 London: 53 billion yen

2016 Rio de Janeiro ?

2020 Tokyo: 252 billion yen

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So all the tax money of both domestic and foreign employees working in Japan are being wasted on these Olympics. The Olympics will just benefit the Japanese corporations, no one else. Say hello to higher taxes very soon as Abe has been planning.

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The Olympics are going to do more damage than good for the Japanese economy. Not that anyone seems to care here because OLYMPICS!!!!

People said the same thing about London 2012, but it seemed to have worked out well.

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The Olympics should be in Greece every Olympiad at a permanent Internationally funded sports complex in the Peloponnese at Mount Olympia. Then all the nonsense, political opportunism, scandal and corruption etc. that happens for and after nearly every selection will cease and we can concentrate on the sport.

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