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Rights groups target sponsors for Beijing Winter Games


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These organisations care only about their own interests and revenue.

IOc is the one that must be challenged first, than the sponsors and YES also the athletes. Like any other individual they must choose between ethical and moral values over selfinterest. They can not be excused from that. They are young, but in most cases young adults, not children.

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The olympics is not now what it once was, time it was tipped over and the corruption , hypocrisy, double standards, greed, abuse & social damage exposed.

If you support the olympics in any way you and your brand should become tarnished and boycotted.

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Berlin 1936

Sochi 2014

Beijing 2022

The Despot games. They should be boycotted.

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@GdTokyo...so is Tokyo 2020

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I think the very concept of Olympic Games is kind of outdated. But it will probably be here for a while. Also China and other dictatorships happily use these types of events as the platform for propaganda and money laundering.

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I remember when the fat guy supported China's treatment of the muslims. That is, until Xi said he didn't want to help the fat guy win the US election.

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In the old Greek world, the Olympic Games were a time when partisanship was left at home. In 1936, the games were held in Nazi Germany.

IMO, the games should be held without so much attention to other issues.

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I personally think that the IOC should cancel these games unless there is a 'transparent and open inquiry' regarding the Uighers. This is not to mention Hong Kong, Tibet, parts of Chinese administered Mongolia, and for unleashing a deadly virus - Coronavirus. China should be held accountable. Silence means complicity.

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Perhaps a number of western countries are considering a boycott of beijing:

Canada's House of Commons on Monday voted 266-0 in a non-binding referendum that China is committing genocide against more than 1 million Uyghurs and called for the IOC to move the Olympics from Beijing. The Dutch parliament passed a similar motion on Thursday saying the treatment amounted to genocide.

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken has said he believes genocide is being committed against the Uyghurs.

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