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Rio is stuck with big bills and vacant venues after Olympics


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I know it's a drop in the bucket but can't they relocate college and pro soccer teams to the Maracana Stadium?

Have concerts and events there at reasonable/reduced rent so it's being used rather than staying vacant?

Make it priority to use all these venues for anything and everything.

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Rerunning old stories, what a savings for Japan Today! Previous versions from Montreal, Athens, etc,etc. Just change the name of the city and the venues. Good luck to Tokyo!

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Given the miserable poverty that most Brazilians live in this is just disgraceful


How much money did the IOC take out of the country, spirited away to bank accounts in Switzerland?

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This is nothing new and just history repeating itself.

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Rio Olympics was one big WHITE ELEPHANT

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If rio lost so much for a developing country, imagine how much Japan will lose? Or, in another way, think about how much money the Amakudari crew of Tokyo will profit.

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Tokyo used and reused their Olympic venues from the '64 Olympics.

In fact they were still using the Olympic gymnasium until they tore it down a couple of years ago.

Since they're building right in the middle of a huge metropolis with a big demand for sports facilities, they shouldn't have these white elephant project problems.

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Agree with speed. Japanese people have disposable income. We won't have the same problems that a summer games would bring to a poor country. I said summer not winter games because I heard stories about the Nagano games being a big white elephant.

It's a noble idea to try to bring the World Cup and the Olympics to all counties, but don't do it if it's going to bankrupt them.

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