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Rising star Ishikawa starting to fade


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Here's hoping he and his parade of terrible haircuts starts to fade from TV commercials, too.

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Too much hassling from the Japanese media.

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I'm not sure why his girlfriend Yuri has to be part of his entourage??? Doesn't she have school or a job to go to? Is she his caddy or something?

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"Ishikawa has plunged to No.115 in the world"

Heh, your average golfer in Japan or anywhere else in the world would be ecstatic to be No.115 in the world. That would put them ahead of 99.99 percent of all the other golfers in the world.

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And that's why golf's greatest hurdle is the mental game...

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wow, another Japanese media darling, mega-hyped "Super Rookie" who didn't quite live up to expectations. Maybe sometime in the next few decades the media here will understand they do more harm than good.

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Bit harsh on the young man. Comparing a kid from a golfing minnow like Japan to a kid from the uk - who are steeped in golfing superstars - is a bit unfair. Kind of like Comparing japanese soccer to european. I guess the japanese media are desperate for an international sporting champ though, and cant resist talking up any japanese in every sport.

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BTW - Ishikawa needs a personal chef on tour in the states? What the...?

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there's professionals out there who've never won a tourney and have been pro for more than a decade.. to throw everything on him as a teenager is a bit harsh, but I guess society demands it - if you're a prodigy then the expectations to win the Masters every year is there..

or maybe he needs work on his putting, i don't know..

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Rising star Ishikawa starting to fade

He's doing what he needs to do to keep all the plates spinning... He's got good grounding, and he's going at his own pace.

Media should go pound salt.

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sports life is like a real life story "UP'S AND DOWN", GO!! ISHIKAWA RYO-KUN

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Wouldn't be because he hasn't lived up to your (the Japanese media) expectations would it??? Japan is infamous for putting someone so highly up on a pedestal and expecting so much from them only to rip them apart for failing. You watch the media go bananas when Ishikawa gets into the final group of a tournament in the future. All of a sudden they (the Japanese media) will label him as a possible chance in the following Masters. The smartest thing Ishikawa ever did was head over to the States and play.........geez the media have a short memory........how long did it take before Ai Miyazato figured out the courses over there and started contending? Ishikawa will start contending (I'm not saying winning) but it might be a good idea to remember that he still he only 21 and is still working out the courses over there.

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