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Rivalry on and off track is turning F1 season into a classic


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There is no guarantee that Max would have won if he had not crashed out. Anything could have happened.

A five-second penalty would have fitted with previous such penalties awarded in recent races, but given the anger of Christian Horner, the stewards doubled it to make sure.

On the positive side, Red Bull has got a lot of free publicity as the stakes have been ramped up.

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Putting the whos to blame to one side, it just goes to show how technology, research, product development has advanced over just a short period of time, 15 or even 20 years ago max probably would have not walked away from the crash, it probably would have been a fatality. track safety has improved, medical research and better ways to treat, and handle patients has improved, and these developments filter down to the general public, in the form of better cars etc.

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Finally getting to see all this stuff bubble to the surface makes for great entertainment and iconic races. In a time when all entertainment is fighting for attention, part of me thinks this is being played up a bit. Can’t wait to see the proxy war between Alphatauri and Aston Martin.

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