Roger Federer says he is retiring from pro tennis at age 41


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A classy guy, really unfortunate he had to retire because of injuries.

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I'm a bigger fan of Nadal but Federer is definitely the male GOAT in my opinion. Big loss for tennis and its fans. I wish him well.

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Roger set the bar very high when it comes to behaviour by sportsmen. Will be missed for sure.

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Thank you Mr. Federer for all the great memories. We've had the privilege to witness a great era of tennis, which Federer spearheaded with his aggressive but elegant style. A true genius, and the ultimate gentleman.

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He should have taken the vaccine. So stubborn. Now look at the situation. He has fallen short.

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He should have taken the vaccine. So stubborn. Now look at the situation. He has fallen short.

LOL. You have mixed up your players! People will be saying this about Djoker in a couple of years though when his time is up - so you are correct in that respect.

Farewell GOAT! Records of all the "Big 3" will be broken over time, make no mistake - but there will only be one Roger Federer!

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What a class act Federer, will definitely miss him although I'm sure he'll still find a way to be involved in the sport whether coaching or as an analyst on TV. He was getting up there in age to be able to still compete at the highest level and remain injury free. Nadal has said in the past year he is basically playing with injuries all the time, can only imagine the medications he is being given to not feel the pains and then how will that affect his body in another 10 years. Alcaraz is definitely giving signs of being another all time great and class act like Federer and Nadal.

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Opponents respected him. Fans loved him. Roger Federer gave exciting moments of joy to lovers of tennis. The Swiss maestro is renowned for his humanitarian projects. May his tribe increase.

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