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Djokovic beats Federer for 5th Wimbledon title


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I take my hat off to both players. What a match? Both players have equal chances to win the match and they both have blown out the chances. Federer had served better than Djokovic but in the end Djokovic won the match by tie-break.

Djokovic was not one of the physically strong players on the tour, but he was patient and intelligent than other players. Djokovic has saved Federer's match points and then he went to win the Wimbledon Championship title. It was amazing.

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A celebration of grace, poise, athleticism, and resiliency. Only one champion, but both are winners.

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Now THAT sounds like a match I should have watched. Another win for the Joker, and a tough loss for Federer (though hats off to him!). THESE are champions.

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That was a match for the ages. Federer had his chances but could not cash them in. Hats off to both of them. Djokovic is steadily gaining on he and Nadal in Slams and shows no signs of letting up.

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Same as educator! I turned it on in the 3rd set and still had a loooong way to go. Amazing match. Nothing cute or fancy about it, just simple, sky-high- level skill. I feel for Novak in a way. Perhaps the greatest player ever, yet he gets no love from crowds. The public has bought into the Fed-Rafa narrative so completely that they underappreciate a legendary player who is well on his way to topping all their records.

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Novak's cross-court passing shot on Federer's championship point is my favorite single shot in YEARS. The iron nerve that required!!! I'm still in awe. And the Wimbledon crowd clapped softly and briefly.

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Djokovic won all his sets in tiebreakers

Federer is now involved in all Top 3 longest Finals at Wimbledon. In this one, he had double matchpoint on his serve but couldn't finish it. Except for one, all of his Grand Slam Finals losses are to either Djoker or Nadal

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Level pegging, swinging backwards and forwards for five hours. Could easily have gone either way. The World No.1 vs the World No.2. And Roger actually won on total points gained. A titanic struggle. Awesome stuff.

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I tuned in during the start of the third set, but switched off during the fifth. The spectators were a disgrace. Every time Federer won a point there were huge cheers, and yet whenever Đoković won, there were sighs and moans. When the commentators said that Đoković felt far less appreciated than Federer or Nadal, I didn't really believe it but he was right. I was so glad he won in the end. My dream final would have been Nadal-Đoković. I'd put some of these Federer fans on the same level as Gaga's Little Monsters.

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I feel for Novak in a way. Perhaps the greatest player ever, yet he gets no love from crowds.

I think it's mostly an anglo thing tbh. Non anglo crowds do love/support/respect Djokovic.

Same thing happens in women's tennis; wimbledon/NY/melbourne love serena & co and hate non flashy (esp if they're euros) players. Look at what happened to Hercog when she played the new 'tennis sensation' Cori Gauff last week; some of the cheering of hercog's mistakes was pretty embarrassing.

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If Rafa Nadal had been playing Novac, I wonder what the score would've been.

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